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grantIt only took me 12 hours of lessons to pass my driving test. I was lucky to have some lessons with my dad before I turned 17 on private land. This helped me to get up to a test standard quickly and in turn saved me a lot of money. I was very nervous when taking the test but managed to pass with only 6 minors. Very quickly afterwards I found myself getting confident behind the wheel and I started to drive long distances and on different types of roads. I found myself speeding virtually every time I was driving for no particular reason at all.

On Friday 6th January 2012 at 12:00 AM, I was driving home after I had been out for a meal with my friends and was on a country road with no street lights. I was driving along at approximately 45 mph, in a 30 limit, when I went round a corner and lost control of the car. The car swerved left and right and I then hit the trees at the side of the road.

After the impact my car flipped onto its side and then slid along the road. I was lying on my side strapped into the drivers seat. I took my seatbelt off thinking I would be able to climb out of the car but simply fell down to the floor hitting my head. I then called 999.

As it was a Friday night, it took the emergency services 22 minutes to get to me. When they arrived I was pulled out of the smashed back windscreen as I said I could not feel any injuries. The police breathalysed me and I blew 0.0 as I had not been drinking and I was then put in the back of an ambulance. I was taken to hospital to be checked over but they were to busy to take me! I was given a check over in the ambulance as I did not seem to have any injuries and was then taken home. I was told by the emergency services I was lucky to be alive, let alone not have any injuries, as the airbags in my car did not deploy with the initial impact during the crash.

The car was written off and now I have a new car. My insurance premium has rocketed and to get a new car cost me a lot of money. Now when I drive, I stick to the speed limit and think that I am the safest driver out there. I think about my crash every day and never want to go through anything like that again.

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