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Information for Parents

Download and print the following pdf factsheets

  1. Distractions
  2. For more in-depth information on distractions, please click the following links.
  3. Choosing an instructor
  4. Minor and major faults in a test
  5. Parent pact
  6. Graduated driving licensing
  7. Penalty points
  8. Drugs and driving
  9. Drink and driving

If you would like to see more debate on Graduated Driving Licences, then please fill in your
details in our on-line petition by clicking the link below ... your submission really counts. 

For more information download our fact sheet on the benefits of graduated driving licensing.

We are aiming for 100,000 signatures to encourage further Parliamentary debate on this important issue. 


External Links

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UK Public Services

Institute of Advanced Motorists

Department for Health

Driving Standards Authority

Transport Research Laboratory - ADI

Did you know?

The most common offences for new drivers who lose their licence are speeding and using their mobile whilst driving. Find out more about how to keep your licence.

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