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Not all driving instructors are the same...

Helping your son or daughter to choose the right driving instructor is not as straightforward as it may seem. Obviously, they will need to ‘click’ together personality-wise. But there are many other important factors to consider.  For example, did you know that the best instructors will often go beyond the standard tuition curriculum to instil safe driving behaviours in their young learners? 

Getting it right from the word go...

The Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers is packed with valuable advice and tips including how to find an instructor who will maximise the chances of your son or daughter passing their test first time while encouraging safe driving habits from the outset. Importantly, it takes you through the vital questions you should ask any instructor before you make a commitment, helping you avoid the expense and headache of making the wrong choice. 

How many hours of professional driving instruction and private practice should a learner driver have to minimise the risk of a future collision? Should you take a learner driver out for practice in wet weather conditions or at night?      

The Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers gives you answers to all of these questions and many more including:

  • Essential safety and legal factors to consider before a learner driver gets behind the wheel
  • How to get the most from your private practice sessions
  • Top tips for booking and preparing for the driving test
  • What driving examiners are looking for when they assess a learner driver



The more you practice, the lower your risk of a crash!

Learner drivers in New Zealand who practised for 120 hours reduced their chances of crashing by 40% compared to those who'd only done 50 hours of training.

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