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Getting Insured

Insurance premiums for new drivers can be expensive. So be prepared for a shock!

Car insuranceBut despite the cost, don't be tempted by 'fronting' (this is where you insure your car in a parent's or someone else's name to reduce the cost). It's considered fraud and if you do have an accident the insurer can refuse to pay out. It could also affect your chances of getting insurance in the future.

Here are some ways of reducing your insurance premiums legally:

  • Choose a lower-powered car with a high safety rating, as insurance on a high-powered car is much more expensive
  • Shop around using different price comparison websites
  • Sign up for telematics! It's a system that monitors your speed, mileage and the times of day you drive. If you come out well, your insurer should drop your premiums within a few months. It's also been proven to reduce crashes.
  • Add a second named driver to your insurance policy who has an existing no-claims bonus, such as a parent. It can lower your premiums significantly, but be sure to name yourself as the primary driver (see 'fronting' above)
  • Compare comprehensive and third party policies, as third party is not necessarily the cheapest option
  • Invest in further training. It's a great way to potentially reduce your premiums and it makes you a safer driver.
  • Make sure you stay accident-free. A no claims bonus can save you a huge amount in premiums - for each year you are accident-free your bonus is increased, eventually allowing you to save up to 70% on your premium.


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