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New Driver Pact

You want independence. But your parents want you to stay safe. Meet them half way with a New Driver Pact. It's a win-win strategy that keeps your parents happy while giving you the freedom you want. By completing this pact, your parents agree for you to use the car while you agree to stick to some pre-agreed conditions.

For example:

  • not to drive after 11pm.
  • not to drive on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • never to use your mobile while driving.
  • not to drive with more than one passenger.
  • ensure that everyone wears their seat belts.
  • don't drink and drive.
  • don't take drugs and drive.
  • display 'P' (Probationer) plates.
  • (and why not invent some incentives of your own?)

Download a New Driver Pact template here or create your own.

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