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SUPER talented Christie Doran is the new face of Good Egg Drivers.

The 20-year-old track star is loving life in the fast lane, but race ace Christie, who roars to speeds of up to 140mph on the track, knows exactly when to kill her speed, too:

“Speed is great on the track but not on the road. In the UK around 400 people a year are killed in crashes where someone exceeds the speed limit or drives too fast for the conditions.* I know people my age who have already had bad crashes. 

There is a time and a place - and it is not on our roads. I am delighted to be involved with The Good Egg as I wanted to help highlight devastating consequences when drivers my age get it wrong on the roads. However, we also want to show that there is a positive side to young drivers. Most are sensible. They are the role models”
*Source: RoSPA



"We all want to learn to drive and pass our test as quickly as possible, however it’s also about learning the right skills. I found this guide really helpful and I hope you do too.

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