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Some sobering facts...

Road traffic injuries are the number one cause of death for young people worldwide. Casualty rates among young drivers in the UK are the highest in Europe, with newly quali­fied drivers being especially at risk. It is a fact that the first 2 years of driving are the most dangerous for newly qualified drivers, with the first 6 months being particularly critical. During this time your son or daughter is at a much greater risk of being killed or injured in a collision than an experienced driver.


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Clearly there is a problem...

It's commonly acknowledged that young drivers tend to be more vulnerable and prone to taking risks than their older counterparts, as well as being more easily in­fluenced by others. The question is why? And, just as importantly, what can be done about it?


The Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers exists to address these questions. 


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As parents, it seems we never stop worrying about our children. And as any parent of a young driver will attest, it can be especially stressful when they first take to the road on their own. Of course, it's only natural that we should be concerned.  But rather than placing our children's safety in the hands of fate and hoping for the best, we can now take practical action to greatly minimise the likelihood of them becoming involved in a collision.


Greater peace of mind and fewer sleepless nights ...

Reader-friendly and meticulously researched, The Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers has been written especially for parents of learner and newly qualified young drivers. Dealing with the facts, it unravels the causes and consequences of the risks to young drivers, and takes you step-by-step through the practical measures you can take to ensure the safety of your son or daughter when they first get behind the wheel. The guide also includes invaluable sections on learning to drive, what to do after the test, buying a first car and how to get a fair deal on insurance - as well as crucial information on road traffic law and drink and drug driving.

Whether your son or daughter is thinking about learning to drive, taking lessons or just starting out on their driving career, The Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers is essential reading.

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Dont go for ‘block booking discount’ until you know you’re comfortable with your chosen instructor!

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